"Testimonials & Pictures"
Hi Monika,   
Just wanted to send you a picture of Sara. She is happy and doing great. She
just got spayed. She is just what my mother needed! They are inseparable.
They are so happy together. So far she is house broken, walks on a leash
and responds to sit and come. She will be going to puppy class in a few
Take care, Joanne

Dear Monika,
Dorothy Grace is just precious! She is the apple of her "Big Daddy's" eye.
Both dogs do really well together and play and do all that dogs do.  Gracie
was spayed and did well, she got all of her shots and really felt awful
She loves the snow, chasing our son around the house and when I put her in
her pooch pouch- Like a real baby! She charms all.
Love, Gracie

Gretta Marlese Gifford... Sooooo Perfect!  Sooooo Wonderful! Sooooo Loving!

Here are some pictures for you of how we have grown. Just wanted to say
its a great feeling coming home from work to two beautiful babies waiting to
see you. The whole family has been enjoying them I can't express how
much we love them.

Dear Monika,
Max and Mandy truly loved camping and swimming. Max loves the canoe,
people couldn't believe the life jackets. We all had a great summer. Now
they are at 9 mos and look how beautiful they are gettin... longhair on their
butts and tails and wavy hair on their backs. They do everything together.
They are so great... even people who are not dog people say how beautiful
they are.  Mandy gives tons of kisses.
Its great to make them their clothes for camping, raincoats,winter coats...
they all have their names on them. But he most fun was making their
Halloween costumes. I think Max could be a model... he loves trying on his
clothes. Hope you enjoy the pics... Carl and I are enjoying our babies!
Trick or treat from Max and Mandy!

HI Monika!
Hope al is well with you... I finally got around to sending some pics of our
little beauty named "Lily". She is the center of attention wherever we go and
brings our family great joy!
Thanks again, Dolores

Dear Monika,
Just a quick note to let you know that "Dutchess" is doing well and that I am
so happy with her. And thank you for forwarding her reg. papers her reg
name will be "Golden Dawn's Royal Dutchess" Why the name... because she
will be treated like a Dutchess.
Thanks, Richard

Hi Monika,
I am writing o you to give you a little update on Dixie. She is amazing! I love
her so much. She is a huge part of my life, and her little presence gives me
such comfort. She is adjusting beautifully to city life. She is walks on a
leash, comes when I call her and has a "very" healthy appetite! I take her
everywhere I go and she sleeps with me at night. She is such an Angel.
Both me and Dixie thank you so much for choosing me to be her mommy.
She is such a joy to have. As I sit here typing this she is sitting right under
my chair. You have made us very happy, and I look forward to many happy
years with her.

Dear Monika,
It doesn't seem possible that "Katrina" is almost a yr old. As you can see
she is adequately spoiled. She is so sweet and beautiful,and we have never
seen any trace of bad disposition... just like her mommy. We love her so
much and can't imagine life without her.
Thank you so much for this little girl!

Hi Monika,
We love Duke" and "Ella" so much. They have wonderful dispositions. They
live the life of very spoiled pups. Duke thinks our cat Sylvester is his mom.
Ella is so loving and devoted. If you find yourself in Jersey please come and

"Kahlua" is finally getting the hang of house breaking. She seems more
interested in checking everything out in the house... then letting me know
she has to go. I keep an eye on her all the time." Magic" is gorgeous in color.
"Princess" seems to love both of them... but her favorite playmate is
"Magic". I'll send some pictures after the holidays. Your website is adorable.
Take care, Chris

Just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful puppy "Boomer"! We took
him to the vet today and of course he is perfect! He is a happy and easy
going pup and everyone loves him. Everyone ask me where I got him from,
and I am giving everyone your name.
Thanks again,  Joyce

Hello Monika,
We don't know how to thank you for our puppy "Calvin". He has been such a
blessing. He is such a wonderful, beautiful, calm little dog. He is everything
we were expected and more! Everyone adores him... and he adores
Sincerely, Monica

Monika- Here is a picture of "Simon" at 3 mos old.He is just about the
friendliest puppy I've ever met. He loves EVERYONE. I'v never seen a
puppy or adult with more personality. Thank you for our boy!
Bobby and Carrie

Thought you might enjoy an update on "Schatzie" She is a real sweetheart!
She now weighs 8.5lbs and got spayed in late Nov. She is a very good
puppy- she really hasn't chewed on anything except her toys (of which she
has an over abundance of) She did well upstate and only fell into the lake
twice ... she is not a big fan of swimming. She has adjusted well to life on LI
and really enjoys all the people. She is a SUPER friendly dog, and LOVES all
the attention she gets. I have had many comments of what a beautiful and
sweet dog she is and on her unusual coloring. I try hard not to spoil her
although i don't think I have been too successful! She will be taking her first
plane trip this Jan. when we go to SanDiego. I'm also going to Mexico later
that mon th and she has reservations for that trip as well.
Thank you for bringing such a wonderful dog into my life,

Hi Monika,
Here is a picture of "Buster". I have to tell you we are enjoying him so much.
He is just the sweetest puppy and we cannot get over his temperament. He
is fussed over wherever we take him.
Thanks, Donna

Just wanted to give you an update on our "Greta", who is now over a year
old. She is wonderful and has been a joy to all of us. She is now around
7lbs,healthy and has definitely captured all of our hearts.
Thanks for a great puppy!

Tia is doing wonderfully! She is growing and getting stronger each day.
However she still doesn't realize that she is a dog, she seems to think she is
a little person. She is a joy and everyone that meets her loves her.
Thanks again, Beth

HI Folkes,
This is "Moxie" at 16wks. She is a little Sweetheart. We are very happy with
her she just loves to play. Her and "Max" are doing great together.
Thanks,Pat and Dennis

Hi Monika,
Loving my babies "Benji" and "Jules" as much as the first day i brought
them home. Its been 3 yrs of happiness for me. I constantly check your
website... who knows, if you get if another one catches my heart I just may
have to add to my happy home of dogs!
Take care, Nancy